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Kem Meyer, the author of Less Chaos, Less Noise, shares practical tips for improving your communication, reducing information overload, influencing change in your organization and telling better stories. She also explains how to make your content like a progressive dinner.

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Show Notes for Less Chaos, Less Noise

What's in this episode?

  • How to amp up your church communication and marketing (2:12)
  • Where churches should start with their communication strategy (8:11)
  • How to get good feedback and balance the sticking your hands over your ears and listening to the squeaky wheel (11:40)
  • Dealing with information overload from church, one mom's tale (14:48)
  • It’s easy to start a new ministry, program or communication channel but how do we reduce? (17:25)
  • If your sharing communication responsibilities with a bunch of ministries, this is how you infect change... (22:50)
  • The more things you announce, the less people hear. How to boil it down to what really matters, get an outside perpective and tell better stories. (30:03)
  • How to make your content like a progressive dinner. (35:00)

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5 Highlights

  • Find a customer advocate who has permission to go around and point to the things that are not helping you put your best foot forward with your audience. They are not running around trying to get consensus.
  • Nothing does better than equipping the people who are at the church to serve our congregation better. That is the best advertising we can do. People walk away feeling loved and cared for and they go tell their friends.
  • Once a year, we need to clean out our closets at home and do some kind of audit with our communication. We need to stop and take inventory and then ask ourselves, how are these things working? Are people using them the way we intended them to? Are they still helpful? Just because they were a good idea at one point, it doesn’t mean they have an endless life cycle.
  • You may not have the power to change something, but you always have the power to propose. If you see a problem? Take assessment, define the current reality, define the consequence and missed opportunities because of it, and what’s an easy next step.
  • Get an outsiders perspective to look at our own stuff helps us simplify, edit, know what to cut. If you need to help yourself, how I do make my content like a progressive dinner? You don’t have to give everybody everything at once. Pull them into what you have to offer.

Amplified Impact Round (36:24)

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve done to attract new visitors to church?
A: Anything that has to do with current events or unusual topics that no one else will talk about.

Q: What's your favorite tool for ministry? (website, app, tool, program, etc.)
A: Blinkist app, book highlights and key takeaways.
The Skimm app, everyday I’m getting all the news of the world compressed into one email.

Q: Any ideas for empowering church members to invite their friends?
A: Be a good friend to people. First thing to do when you're a good friend isn’t always to invite them to church. Be a good listener. Then when a program or topic pops up that relates to them, invite them. People are much more likely to meet you at church, if they know there is a reward afterwards. Invite them to join you and then go to lunch or watch the game afterwards.

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You can reach out to Kem at her website or on Facebook at Less Chaos, Less Noise or Kem Meyer.

Suggested Guest

Someone that doesn’t go to church and ask them why. Invite a local business leader and ask them questions about customer service and prioritizing.