John Falke (aka Johnny Flash)


I am the founder of and Johnny Flash Productions. Here’s how it all began: 12 years ago, I started running communications at a church of about 500. As the church grew, I was asked to speak at conferences and seminars around the country. A decade later the church had grown to nearly 2500¬†and multiple locations, and a church of 7500 offered me a job to run point on communications. Rather than use my knowledge in only one community, I realized I could have a greater impact in the kingdom teaching many churches how to reach their community. My goal is to teach you what I have learned so you can reach your community with the Gospel.


I was surprised at the quality of every aspect of the teaching, the course is worth a tremendous amount more than we had to pay.

Allen Shindledecker, South Raleigh Church of God
Raleigh, NC

John can talk about complex things in simple ways. It was great that he linked everything to ministry.

Caleb Austin, Selma United Methodist Church
Selma, IN

I really appreciated the seminar, it has helped me improve my advertisements and the materials I’ve produced for my ministry. Thank you!

Nick Defore, Wheatland Christian Church
Wheatland, IN

I just got back from your seminar. It was awesome. Thank you very much for challenging, equipping and encouraging all of us in Atlanta. I’m refreshed and motivated to do what God has called me to do.

Bruce Collier, East Pointe Church
Jacksonville, FL

John, I attended your workshop in Indianapolis. I wanted to let you know that this is one of the best seminars I have attended! I was very impressed with all your sample publications from your church and the quality of your work. I think it is very professional, hip and inspiring…your approach is very refreshing. Thanks again for your informative seminar. If you get a chance to come back to Indianapolis, I will be sure to spread the word to friends.

Sarah Richardson, Mooresville Church of God
Mooresville, IN

Does anyone ever tell you that your really really good at what you do? I work in audio (post production) for a living and I look at pro level stuff all day long every day and your work absolutely stands up to some and surpasses a lot of what I see. The graphics package this past Sunday was really great. Thank you for being faithful and giving your talent back to Jesus. You’re awesome.

Harry Evans, Audio Post Production Engineer
Washington D.C.

I am completely impressed with the value of John’s presentation today! What an awesome way to share God’s gifting with others! Thank you so much! Having the materials follow so closely with the presentation gives me hope of being able to reproduce this stuff!

Gayle Hooper, PHR+A
Chantilly, VA

I loved how John really went through and revealed more than just the basics. He showed us how to look like experts! His humor really allowed me to maintain concentration.

Jonathan Woods, Lone Oak Wesleyan Church
Anderson, IN

John is a good teacher. It’s hard to find someone like him that has the knowledge and is able to impart what he knows.

Tim Hurt, Farmington Heights Church
Wilson, NC

I enjoyed how everything was explained – visually, orally and with the workbook which followed along the seminar so I could simply watch and learn.

Jon Bausman, Southport Presbyterian Church
Indianapolis, IN

I have been to numerous seminars on Photoshop as I have grown through the upgrades. You did an excellent job of teaching and sticking to the relevant info so that we could go home and replicate what you shared. Thank you for your passion to teach and your willingness and patience in sharing.

TJ Magnuson
Sarasota, FL

John, thanks for the real-life examples and resources you articulated in a smart and effective way. It’s great to have a communications/marketing focus specifically for churches. It was inspiring and helped to reinforce some of the ideas I’ve been trying to get across.

Ingerlene Frick, Communications Director, Rolling Hills Church
Overland Park, KS

The power of doing your own visual effects is priceless to churches and ministries and this seminar opens the door for churches to be able to reach more people. John is empowering people and ministries to make a larger impact in the world.

Michael Knost, Main Street Church of God
Anderson, IN

John’s information is extremely usable. He has great real-life examples and is able to show the audience the ease and importance of implementation. Well done!

Todd Austin, Selma United Methodist Church
Selma, IN

John, thanks for the new ideas you shared and for challenging me to shape some things that we are (and are not) doing with branding. Your seminar was excellent!

Jamie Schools, Business Administrator, Legacy Christian Church
Overland Park, KS

John teaches with passion and interest. He is open to questions and was present with folks at lunch. Branding and marketing was well covered and helpful!

Donna Rose Heim, Pastor, Fairview Christian Church
Gladstone, MO

This seminar provided great resources and tools. Some of the best practices will help unlock the potential for ministry excellence at my church. John has amazing creativity!

Cheryl Wyatt, Loudoun Bible Church
Ashburn, VA

I liked watching John use techniques on-screen and all the shortcuts he mentioned. His section on layers was really helpful. The cost was unbelievable for the amount of information provided.

Lisa Odenthal, Cicero Seventh Day Adventist Church
Cicero, IN

This seminar is what so many churches across the country need! Your seminar provides effective communication tools for reaching folks both inside and outside the church walls. There is something for everyone, whether you are a veteran or just starting. Great job John!

Kevin Frank, Alliant Studios
Fairfax, VA

Dear John – Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of design at the Eastern North Carolina Ministries Training Conference. Your laid back approach to teaching made each session not only informative but enjoyable as well. We have heard nothing but positive feedback.

Michael Stigile, State Youth & Discipleship Director
Raleigh, NC

John has good energy and shared lots of practical tips – loved it! I really loved the resources too!

Jan Buscher, First Presbyterian Church
Wheaton, IL

I really liked the specific examples from churches and the insights and data John shared. His heart for the local church makes him very credible.

Allie Pitcher, Christ Church
Oak Brook, IL

I appreciated the insights into how churches are doing social media, materials I can go and download, and how to prioritize our social media, website, Facebook & YouTube efforts.

Milton M. Hammuck, Chicago Church of Christ
Bensenville, IL

The workshop was very informative from a new, fresher perspective! John, thank you for the suggested resources as well!

Kane Quilos, First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest
Lake Forest, IL