Katie Allred


Katie Allred shares some of her church social media secrets on how to increase engagement and save time managing church social media accounts.

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Show Notes for Church Social Media Secrets

What’s in this episode?

  • Katie’s background (3:40)
  • Uniqueness of Brentwood Baptist multi-site strategy (5:37)
  • How to handle and promote 6 different messages online each week (8:18)
  • Benefit of using transcripts of sermons and captions on videos (10:42)
  • How to manage many social media accounts and empower campus pastors to get involved (12:25)
  • Utilizing volunteers for social media (15:37)
  • Keeping consistency between social media accounts (18:21)
  • SnapChat and Instragram (and how to utilize Instagram Stories & Facebook Live) (19:38)
  • Measuring success on social media and having a post go viral (23:20)
  • Organic reach vs Facebook Ads and posting posts (26:36)
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3 Highlights

  • When a campus reaches 500, then it’s time to look at video recording the services and putting them online every week.
  • Video is #1. Video is king. For the longest time we were depended on graphics and text, and now we put more and more resources into putting clips out of our sermon. We’ve created creative videos in the past and they don’t perform as well online as just clips from the sermon or choir do.
  • Utilizing a college intern to help with social media will help amplify your church social media.

Amplified Impact Round (24:24)

Q: What’s the first thing any new church communicator or director needs to know?
A: Join the Church Communications Facebook Group.

Q: What’s your favorite tool for ministry? (website, app, tool, program, etc.)
A: Take people on a digital mission journey. Take 5 minutes during the announcement time (the entire announcement time) and have everyone go to an easy link and download a picture there. Then ask everyone to change their profile picture to the image you provided at the link (be sure to include service times or times for the big event that is coming up). Or ask people to use Facebook Live to talk about an upcoming event and invite and tag their friends.

Reach Out

You can reach out to Katie in the Church Communications Facebook Group, or at her website katieallred.com or at @katiejallred on Twitter.

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