Gary Molander


Gary Molander, one of the founders of Floodgate Productions, talks about how to maximize the impact of video in your church services. This guy knows his stuff...

When you’re making a video, the resolve should never be a Christian bow that just wraps up everything so beautifully, there is no such thing this side of heaven. @garymo Share on X

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Show Notes for Maximizing Video

What's in this episode?

  • Gary’s struggle with ministry/family work balance (3:45)
  • How the use of video in church has changed (6:25)
  • How a church can start doing video with limited resources (8:50)
  • Best way to use videos in church services (12:15)
  • What the most creative pastors are doing with video (18:30)

3 Highlights

  • Tell stories of life change in your church. Even if you have to shoot an on an iPhone, that’s okay... just tell them.
  • Be willing to mix up your service order and use video at any point in the service. You don’t have to limit it to just a sermon video bumper.
  • Don’t let limited resources be your excuse for not making and creating videos. Empower some young people in your church to make videos, they might just surprise you.

Amplified Impact Round (23:50)

Q: What tips do you have for planning or promoting sermons/series?
A: Create an elevator pitch for it, one sentence…

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve done to attract new visitors to church?
A: Football Sunday (sermon replacement for Super Bowl Sunday)

Q: What’s your favorite tool for ministry?  (website, app, tool, program, etc.)
A: Artlist, stock music site. Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Q: What’s the #1 thing a church can do to differentiate itself?
A: When a church’s people go love the community and serve the unlovely.

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