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It can often be really difficult to find, train and mentor creative volunteers in your church to effectively capture what is happening in the life of your church. Ben Stapley unpacks practical steps you can take to build your volunteer photography and video teams.

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Show Notes

What's in this episode?

  • Why it’s so important to capture what’s happening in your church well (5:12)
  • How to find the creative volunteers in your church (7:21)
  • If you don’t have someone good enough to take great photos… (9:31)
  • How to set your new volunteers up for success and practical guidelines for them (11:16)
  • Guidelines for volunteer photographers (12:25)
  • How to coach volunteers or re-direct to another ministry (15:56)
  • The steps you can take with a video volunteer to entrust them with more (19:53)
  • Church volunteer agreements and what permission to get before taking photos (22:32)

The church is not designed to take volunteers from 0 to 100 in their craft. @benstapley Share on X

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Volunteer Training Resources

Ben Stapley and his team at Liquid Church share these volunteer training resources that can be used to coach up and mentor your volunteer church photographers and videographers.

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2 Quick Highlights

  • Embrace the principle of belong before you behave. Creative volunteers need to be embraced before you can expect them to behave. Be willing to relax your standards a little bit so they are not pigeonholed in their creativity.
  • Jesus used hooks all the time. When you look at the greatest communicator, he did that. His miracles were testimonies to who God was and they were attention getting devices where people then pay attention to his core message.

Amplified Impact Round (26:27)

Q: What's the first thing any new church communication director needs to know?
A: The DNA & Culture of your church.

Q: What's the best thing you’ve done to attract new visitors to church?
A: Besides Facebook Ads, using physical things. Glossy cards, car magnets, things like that. Equip your congregation to be your marketing tool.

Q: Any tips for promoting sermons/series?
A: It has to be catchy. Push the envelope there and try to be creative in what you’re doing. Make it visual and make it positive.

Q: What's your favorite tool for ministry?
A: Lunches with people on my creative team to build relationships. No work talk.

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