#29 Make Seats Available at Prime Time – 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors


Hey Digital Communicators, I’m John Falke from Johnny Flash Productions and Amplified Impact, and this is 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors, a practical guide for churches to amplify their impact and reach their communities. Now let’s amp it up.

Number 29 make seats available at prime time. There’s nothing worse than people finally getting the courage to come visit your church and they walk into the building they finally make their way to your Worship Center, your sanctuary, whatever you call it and they can’t find a seat.

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Maybe they’re running a minutes late and there’s just not any seats available or maybe there’s a few scattered seats available but they’re not brave enough to venture into the middle of the row to try to sit there while the service is going on.

So you need to have seats available at your prime time. If you have multiple services that maybe you have one service that’s a little bit less full than others. Ask your staff and your key volunteers to sit in that service so there’s more seats available at prime time.

Do whatever you have to do to make seats available at prime time. That way people will feel like they can invite their friends because if there’s no space they’re not going to want to invite their friends because it’s so crowded they’re just going to be like, “oh they’re going to have to sit in the overflow room or there might not be seats for us.” It just makes it difficult to invite people so have space at prime time encouraging people to invite others.

In the next video. I’m going to show you how to optimize your service times so that you can have the maximum number of people at your church. Until then amp it up.

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