#27 Shorten Your Name – 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors


Hey Digital Communicators, I’m John Falke from Johnny Flash Productions and Amplified Impact, and this is 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors, a practical guide for churches to amplify their impact and reach their communities. Now let’s amp it up.

Number 27 shorten your name. Now maybe you have a long church name or it has the denomination in it maybe it’s time to shorten your name. When you think about it when you think about things that are catchy like a copier company write like what was the first copier company was Xerox right? or what was maybe the first seeker friendly church. A lot of people might say Willow Creek or who wrote the purpose driven life that would be Rick Warren from Saddleback right now.

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Sometimes churches get over zealous with their names and hopefully this is not your church but I’ve seen some pretty crazy church names like Assemblies of God Faith Christian Fellowship also known as AOGFCF, OK that’s a mouthful.

Or what about Celebration Church of the new day and new promise.

Or here’s another one Praise All Day Church of the Redeemer Christ our Everlasting King. Now I wish I was making these up but there’s just some really long names out there. This is when I saw the other day. Greater Macedonia Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas.

Or here’s some other ones. Holiness Or Hell Church of God in Christ or the church without walls. There is a church in Boring, Maryland called Boring United Methodist Church. Now I don’t know why you would put the city name in if it was boring you wouldn’t put that in the church name.

There’s the Entire Bible Church as if the rest of our churches aren’t using the entire Bible but it’s the Entire Bible Church or there’s even C.R.A.C.K. House Ministries. Christ Resurrects After Crack Kills House Ministries. Okay so there is some crazy long names out there. Hopefully your church is not one of them but if your church name is a little bit on the long side. Or maybe it has a denominational name in it and it has some baggage. Maybe it’s time to shorten your name or drop the denominational name. There was an article in The Washington Post about churches dropping the denominational name because they just felt like they had a little bit too much baggage and so they were going with something that was a little bit more friendly.

So examine your church name. Maybe this is something you need to talk over with your pastor or your leadership team and see if there’s some baggage with the church name in the community or just in society as a whole and whether it might be time to rebrand and rename your church or at least shorten the name, right? Like the church I was on staff at was Fairfax Community Church of God and we eventually shortened it to Fairfax Community Church and even though they are still there still connected to the Church of God loosely it was just a way to kind of shorten the name and make it more non-denominational.

In the next video, I’m going to show you how to tighten your branding so whether you have a short name or you’re thinking about shortening your name. I’ll show you how to tighten near branding. Until then amp it up.

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