#14 Roll out the Red Carpet – 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors


Hey Digital Communicators, I’m John Falke from Johnny Flash Productions and Amplified Impact, and this is 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors, a practical guide for churches to amplify their impact and reach their communities. Now let’s amp it up.

#14, roll out the red carpet. Now when I say roll out the red carpet, I really mean, how are you going to give visitors a VIP experience? How are you going to make it so amazing that when someone comes to your church, not only are they going to be so excited about your church, but they’re going to come back the next week and invite their friends?

I’m always amazed that a lot of the people that are inviting people to church are the people that are new to church. I think one of the reasons is because when you first start going to a church, you don’t know anybody and you want some kind of familiarity and the easiest way to do that is to invite a friend to come back with you in the next week so that you’ll know somebody at the church. Right? Because you haven’t really got to know anyone very well yet. You’ve only been there one week and so you decide. You’re so excited about the experience that you invite your friends back. So roll out the red carpet.

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Do you have designated parking spots? Do you have people that are going to greet them and show them around the church and help them get their kids checked in and to the right classrooms? Are you going to tell them what to expect and where to sit and everything that happens in your church. How are you going to give the VIP experience and what are you going to give them to show them that you care about them?

So we do as much as you can to really roll out the red carpet at my church. We even have signs when you come into the parking lot that say, “First time guest? Turn on flashers for VIP parking” and we have a really big parking lot, so that’s pretty awesome to be able to park right by the front doors of the building.

So people will turn their flashers on and our parking attendants will direct them to those spots and they’ll be able to park really close to the building. And so that’s just the beginning of the rolling out the red carpet at my church and how we start to help people feel welcome and that we have a place for them.

In the next video, I’m going to tell you how to make your church easy to find online. Until then, amp it up.

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