#8 Teach Kids about Jesus and Make it Fun – 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors


Hey Digital Communicators, I’m John Falke from Johnny Flash Productions and Amplified Impact, and this is 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors, a practical guide for churches to amplify their impact and reach their communities. Now let’s amp it up.

#8, teach kids about Jesus and make it fun. Now, I know this may seem kind of obvious, but I was consulting at a church earlier this year and they weren’t teaching the youngest kids about Jesus.

I took my whole family there. I was like, “Hey, I’m doing some consulting at this church. Why don’t we go there for some Sundays?” We went there and for some reason they were for kids ages four and under, they were just kind of treating it like childcare.

There was no structure, there was no lesson plan. They were just kind of in there with some adults and some snacks and some books and there wasn’t really any structure and it wasn’t that fun and they weren’t teaching them about Jesus.

Children's Ministry is a lot more than childcare. @johnfalke Share on X

So at all ages, teach the kids about Jesus. Children’s Ministry is a lot more than childcare. This is an opportunity to teach young people about Jesus. It’s so exciting and it’s so much more than childcare that I would suggest eliminating the word “childcare” altogether from your vocabulary at your church. It’s “Children’s Ministry.” And so teach the kids about Jesus.

Make it fun, mix it up, have different activities and ways of telling stories and really get kids excited about Jesus and knowing him and being loved by him and serving him and just make it fun and when you do that, kids will want to come back and then the kids will bring their parents back.

I can tell you this, having four kids of my own, that if my kids are excited about church, that’s a place that I want to go to. And if my kids don’t want to go back to that church, then I don’t want to go back that church either. So make sure the kids are excited about Jesus and they’ll bring their parents back.

In the next video, I’m going to give you a practical way that you can get people to invite their friends to come with them to church. Until then, amp it up.

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