Behind the Scenes of a Church Communication Playbook & Blueprint Webinar Replay


Chat transcript:

15:01:22 From Dana Bellamy  to  All Panelists : Dynamic Church
15:01:28 From Keith Booker  to  All Panelists : Keith, Coastlands Family Church Barry UK
15:01:33 From Tom Singleton : Tom / Embassy Orlando
15:01:34 From Kelly Hopkins : Kelly Hopkins RockPointe Church
15:01:34 From Sherill Clontz : Sherill Aldersgate UMC
15:01:35 From Jan Buscher  to  All Panelists : Jan Buscher
15:01:37 From Julie Campbell  to  All Panelists : Julie, Kelly & Audrey from The Compass Church in Naperville, IL
15:01:40 From SAMSUNG-SM-G925V  to  All Panelists : Mark
15:01:41 From Mike Stigile : Mike Stigile - Alabama Church of GOd State Office
15:01:44 From Keith Booker  to  All Panelists : Thanks
15:01:44 From Ariel Guptill  to  All Panelists : Ariel Guptill-Brentwood Church Virginia
15:01:45 From Russ Lance  to  All Panelists : Russ Lance - West Burlington Christian Church
15:01:45 From Carol McKay  to  All Panelists : Carol McKay Weirton UMC
15:01:48 From Laurie Lantz  to  All Panelists : Laurie, Countryside Church, IL
15:01:51 From Ariel Wich : Ariel - cvfree church in Norwich, NY
15:01:59 From Ann Schado  to  All Panelists : Ann Advent Lutheran Charlotte NC
15:02:00 From SAMSUNG-SM-G925V  to  All Panelists : Mark  Epic in Hanford, CA
15:02:02 From Sister Teresa MacDonald : Sister Teresa from St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church. Halifax, Nova Scotia.
15:02:22 From Sandy Mork  to  All Panelists : Sandy - Epic, Shelby Township, MI
15:02:27 From Jenna Legnaioli  to  All Panelists : Jenna & Dona From SonRise Church - Berlin MD
15:02:33 From Cuttino Alexander  to  All Panelists : Alexander from Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Ocean Springs MS
15:02:37 From Daniel Freudenthal  to  All Panelists : Dan - Lifeway Church,  York SC
15:06:39 From Dana Bellamy  to  All Panelists : Yup!!
15:06:43 From Sister Teresa MacDonald : yup
15:06:44 From Charla Wilkerson  to  All Panelists : yes
15:09:22 From Laurie Lantz  to  All Panelists : wish
15:12:15 From Charla Wilkerson  to  All Panelists : did they make up that description or is it based on data?
15:22:46 From Laurie Lantz  to  All Panelists : very informally, would love to have something this visual and clear
15:22:58 From Ariel Guptill : Yes! We use the words “intention” and “mention”.
15:23:02 From Kelly Hopkins : yes, we use a similar grid
15:32:40 From Charla Wilkerson  to  All Panelists : how often should the style change?  Between overhauling the complete look to not just using the same graphic for the same event 2 years in a row?
15:37:52 From Laurie Lantz  to  All Panelists : will a PDF of your slides be available?
15:44:01 From Johnny Flash :
15:48:50 From Cuttino Alexander  to  All Panelists : What time are these workshops being offered?
16:05:56 From Johnny Flash :
16:07:05 From Keith Booker  to  All Panelists : Thanks Johnny.  Very helpful and thought provoking.
16:07:07 From Mike Stigile : Thanks John
16:07:09 From Laurie Lantz  to  All Panelists : THANK YOU! great info!
16:07:13 From Jan Buscher  to  All Panelists : Thanks to you as well!
16:07:21 From Kelly Hopkins : Yes, thank you!